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A Message from Gordon Mansell, the Executive Producer and Artistic Director

Welcome to the ORGANIX CONCERTS website. We are now in the eighteenth season of ORGANIX CONCERTS and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Glionna Mansell Corporation. ORGANIX CONCERTS presents a unique music festival featuring the grand pipe organ, its repertoire and the talented musicians who perform in this musical genre. The series is designed to present solo and ensemble performances of repertoire that would not normally be heard in a Toronto or region organ concert. The main presentation of concerts in ORGANIX 23 will be lunch time free-will offering-type concerts (suggested donation of $ 20.00 is encouraged) produced in collaboration with Toronto’s Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church. Additionally, ORGANIX CONCERTS in ORGANIX 23 will present a Special Presentation Series featuring international artists.

As ORGANIX is a festival known throughout the world among professional musicians, we strive to create a world-stage for emerging artists to perform alongside experienced concert performers. Each ORGANIX program is musically interesting for the knowledgeable organ enthusiasts while remaining accessible for novices. The performer is comfortable with people to facilitate an engagement with the audience while creating a sense of occasion. The biggest incentive for the continuance year after year of ORGANIX has been to hear someone after a concert express with great joy that they never realized the organ could sound like that. The organ is the most dynamic of all instruments and has the greatest amount of repertoire, much of it written by the giants of music composition. Mozart knew very well the capabilities of the organ and for this, he is the one credited for naming it ...“The King of Instruments.”

Diane Bish wrote about ORGANIX remarking…

“…it is one of the best and most creative sponsors of organ series in North America. With its dynamic director, Gordon Mansell, Toronto devotees of Classical organ music are able to hear many of the outstanding organ virtuosi in the world today.

If you love the organ and its music, you will be thrilled by ORGANIX performances. From fresh, young, brilliant talent, to some of the most famous names in the organ world, I challenge you to support the first-class ORGANIX series and experience the awesome sounds of the organ, King of Instruments. You will not be disappointed!”

Diane Bish

Host, The Joy of Music International Television Series.

I look forward to all the people I will meet in 2023. While this is the last year of regularly scheduled ORGANIX concerts, I hope that some form of continuance of an organ series might be possible, should an entity wish to purchase ORGANIX CONCERTS.

Thank you once again for your decision, when the time comes, to attend an ORGANIX concert. It is your enthusiasm for great music that has been a source of encouragement.

Musically yours,

Gordon D. Mansell
Executive Producer, Artistic Director