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St. Clement’s Anglican - Toronto

St Clement’s organ was built in 1928 by Casavant Freres Ltee, of St Hyacinthe, Quebec. The Great, Swell and Pedal divisions were installed in chambers above the right side of the chancel; and a Choir division was installed in the gallery. In 1965, the gallery part of the organ was removed and replaced by a cantilevered Positiv division. This increased the tonal resources of the instrument and generally brightened the full ensemble. In 1973 a new Casavant console replaced the worn-out original.

In 1988, a new Trompette-en-chamade was installed in the back gallery, a gift from Don and Lillian Wright. In 1995-96, the Swell organ was extensively refurbished. This work included new leather and mechanical action as well as some new pipe-work and a major tonal revision. At the start of a new Millennium, the organ re-building was completed with the updating of the Great and the Pedal divisions. This included new action, and a substantial amount of new pipe work including a new façade with speaking pipes. The console was gutted and a new computer system installed.

The rebuilding and installation was carried out by Alan T Jackson & Company Ltd, representing Casavant Frères. Alan Jackson and Tom Fitches did the tonal finishing. The console’s electronics system was supplied by Artisan Classic.

The organ now has 46 stops (53 ranks) and 3,155 pipes!



70 St. Clements Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M4R 1H2


Casavant Opus 1289 (1928, 1995 – 2000)