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Christopher Dawes

Christopher Dawes is a Toronto-based performer, conductor and media professional active in many facets of the musical scene, and working with many of the region’s top musical institutions. He serves as Organist and Director of Music to Rosedale Presbyterian Church, Accompanist to the Orpheus Choir of Toronto, Music Director of the 18-voice a capella Marion Singers of Greater Toronto, and Artistic Director to the 80-voice Georgetown Choral Society. For two decades he has served as Collaborative Pianist to graduate and undergraduate instrumental and choral conducting programs of the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, and as a Director of Canada’s Summer Institute of Church Music. Chris’ graduate work in the area of musical genre has led to occasional blogging and podcasting under the banner “Ideas About Music,” speaking at conferences, and eventually founding the Celtic-crossover band Choir in 2013. He lives with his wife Marcia and their children in Georgetown, Ontario.